ABACUS [Mental Math]

ABACUS [Mental Math] Training

    Education is the main tool to survive in this competitive era. It has no boundary. Education gives knowledge and knowledge gives power. In this competitive era, an undeclared competition in education is going on amongst the students. Most of the sincere students are trying to be the best amongst others in the class and also try to get more marks in their exams.

    In this competitive era, every child needs a proper direction to dig out their hidden potential from himself to be the best. Every parents hope that their children should be the best among others. In support with the view of the parents, we decide to offer a talent program for the children that is called ABACUS Program. This program is very useful for the children to make themselves genius. This program is one of the best program to make your child brainy, talent, master mind. This training gives confidence to face competition exams. A slow brainy student also able to show performance more than earlier. It is true that, to be the best, the basic needs are- master-mind, memory, concentration and confidence ; and all are included with abacus training.

    Considering the basic needs of the students in Assam as well as entire North-East,  Assam Education & Management Academy (AEMA) decides to offer  it's autonomous "Make Talent Program" for the school base children. The  name of the program is ABACUS [ Mental Math ]

    Children who learn the abacus, generally achieve higher academic performance, not only in arithmetic but also in all subjects, because of the increasing of concentration. Abacus training increase concentration. Abacus training gives ability to solve arithmetical problem once looking at a problem and working it out mentally. If one can solvie arithmetical problem mentally, habitually he will be satisfied on his performance, and accordingly will increase their confidence and dearness to challenge with others and thus they convert automatically into all rounder and be successful in all areas.


We are offering -
                    Indian School Level
                  ABACUS  [ Mental Math ]
For the students of Class I to VIII
                            Vedic Math [Quicker Math Solution] For all age